IntelOPA IFS for Debian is released

Added by Brian Smith about 7 years ago

System Fabric Works has released IntelOPA-IFS for Debian v10. This includes:

This release is for Debian 8.x.

Please note: IFS packages are now in the "quilt" format, which allows proper specification of the upstream package version. For example, if the upstream version of libpsm2 is 1.2-3, the Debianized IFS package version would be 1.2-3-1ifs. The ifs suffix has been added to indicate that the package came from the IFS distribution.

The change from native format has caused a discontinuity in the package revision numbers present in changelog. You may see a newer package that appears to have a "downgraded" version relative to an earlier-dated version (e.g. 1.2-3-1ifs v/s 1.2.3). This is a consequence of switching to the quilt package format and having a history of native packages. quilt is the format going forward. is the only release that will have this discrepancy.

Please refer to the README for installation and configuration instructions.

The Intel Release Notes for IFS is available at