IntelOPA for Debian 9 "Stretch" is Released

Added by Brian Smith over 4 years ago

System Fabric Works has released IntelOPA-IFS and IntelOPA-BASIC v10. for Debian 9 "Stretch". This includes:

This release is for Debian 9.x.

Please refer to the README for installation and configuration instructions.

The Intel Release Notes for IFS are available at

Important Notes

  1. This release ships with support for kernel 4.9.0-4. If the installed system has a different 4.9.0.x kernel, then kmod-ifs-kernel-updates will need to be built against that kernel. README section Kernel Support provides documentation for this process.
  2. If support for a non-4.9.0.x is required, please contact
  3. IntelOPA now includes Sandia-OpenSHMEM (SOS) and libfabric.
  4. Debian 9's default configuration sets ASLR to 1, which requires omission of remote virtual addressing in SOS. If remote virtual addressing is desired, ASLR must be configured to 0 and the sandia-openshmem package will need to be rebuilt with remote virtual addressing enabled.

For support, please contact